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Old Mar 17th, 2010
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Default User Portal: "My Kaleidescape"

I'm surprised Kaleidescape doesn't have any sort of portal for users... a place to log in and review your system and "account" (though I realize Kaleidescape doesn't actually establish accounts for its users).

Would be nice to see my registered components and licenses, status of my warranties, update my mailing address, preferred email address, maybe even some basic logs or system info. I know that the dealer channel may not want this... expecting to be the conduits that "maintain" the systems for their users, but even Lexus and Mercedes have consumer portals for info, managing advanced services like navigation system updates and address uploads... yet they still show you that you need to visit your dealer for service, parts, etc., just as Kaleidescape could. it increasingly seems Kaleidescape is an outlier in not allowing a web login for basic account maintenance, support, etc. (i have logins for my Tivo, my car, digital camera, various computer peripherals like printers, etc.

By the way, having such a thing will be the first step towards Kaleidescape offering a download service. Obviously at some point, users will need an account with Kaleidescape to initiate or manage puchases, payment mechanisms, etc.

Might we see such a "MyKaleidescape" service sometime soon?
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Old Mar 17th, 2010
AnOutsider AnOutsider is offline
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Likely not. I'm not pro here, I haven't owned a system as long as others, and I certainly don't have the connections others do here, but I get the feeling Kscape is "comfortable".

Sure, they're working on bluray importing/playing, but for the most part, it seems they've becoming content in their offerings and their "spot" in the industry. I honestly can't envision them pushing the envelope at this point.

Just observations... from someone on the outside.... an outsider if you will
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Old Mar 18th, 2010
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I am with Josh on this, having current system information on a customer portal would very useful, especially for those who relocate frequently.

With regard to Kaleidescape being ?comfortable? maybe they will surprise us with a new product. I have just been configuring a new laptop and the price of SSD storage is approximately the same as Kaleidescape's HDD storage was last year.

Imagine the potential form factor of a SSD mini system. Fast access to data with no hard drives permanently powered up.

An increase in reliability with reduced power consumption?
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