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That is what I thought. On one hand it would be cool to have an intro play before every movie selected through the UI, but also it might be annoying after a while. Having to make a selection and edit the 'Movie Night' script in advance of movie night is not that hard.

Back on the subject of trailers, I have an issue with creating custom scenes for trailers. Some titles (ie Terminator 2) have the THX trailer on the disc which would be nice to make into a custom scene for use in the 'Movie Night' script. But the only way to see it is through playing the movie in disc mode. K does not have predefined scene for the THX trailer or for trailers that play when a disc is first inserted into a player. While T2 is playing in disc mode it is not possible to create a custom scene because the menu option is not available.

But... When one selects a title whose disc is not cataloged by K, (the 2015 BD of Christmas Vacation does this for me), Disc mode is the only option available to play the movie. In my case of the aforementioned title, the option to create a custom scene is available. I used this option to create a scene for the entire length of the movie. I named this scene 'Play Movie' and when I chose that scene, the movie plays!

So... It seems like it should be possible to create a scene for any content that is reachable in disc mode (such a THX trailer, pre-menu trailers, even the F-B-I warning screen if one was so inclined) for use in a script, but the option is hidden for some reason.

Any ideas on ways around this problem?
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