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Hi JDS, the fault I mentioned (misalignment after I opened it for the first time), was merely my own mistake, which I corrected after which it worked for a while, but then started giving the error 503 (blocked sensor).

So earlier this week, I opened the vault again to find a BD (Larry Crowne) stuck in at the drive entry point. I removed it and the vault started working again. I returned it back to its normal location, after which I got the error I opened it again, this time finding Toy Story 3 jammed at the drive entrance. So I removed this as well. I later on closed the vault up again, got it going and then fed these discs back in again to check it out. No problem came up again for to days, so today I bought 2 new BDs and fed them into the system, which all went well. Now I'm waitign for that flashing 000 or 503 again!
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