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From K to Dealers:

Limited-Time Kaleidescape Offer for Oppo Customers

What is the Offer:

With the recent announcement that Oppo Digital will no longer be making new products, Kaleidescape would like to help fill the vacancy left in the high-performance movie-playback arena by offering your Oppo customers an incentive to migrate to the next level of luxury home cinema performance: The Strato movie player.

A $300 credit toward any purchase at the Kaleidescape Movie Store will be included in the purchase price of a Strato 4K Ultra HD player by owners of qualifying Oppo Blu-ray players. This will provide an incentive for them to jump-start their upgraded movie experience with Kaleidescape’s 4K HDR downloads featuring lossless Dolby Atmos surround soundtracks.

Customers can continue to use their Oppo Blu-ray players and still take advantage of this incentive program. To prove eligibility, the dealer needs to provide proof of purchase of the qualifying Oppo player listed below, including the serial number from an Oppo invoice for that customer.

This promotion will expire on July 31, 2018 and is limited to one per customer.

Who is Eligible:

Any customer who purchased a qualifying Oppo player who purchases a Strato 4K Ultra-HD player.

Qualifying Oppo Players

Qualifying Kaleidescape Strato Movie Players
Strato 4K Ultra HD Movie Player—6TB (K0509-0006)
Strato 4K Ultra HD Movie Player—10TB (K0509-0010)

Contact your dealer for additional info or to place an order.

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