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I didn't get around to buying the UHD HDR TrueHD Atmos version of American Sniper from the Kscape store until last week, thus this late post. There isn't such a thing as a bad Clint Eastwood film and American Sniper isn't bad, either. It isn't a classic in a class with either Unforgiven or Million Dollar Baby but what film is.

My (mild) disappointment with this film is attributed to its, to me at least, weak TrueHD Atmos soundtrack. My overhead speakers were inactive most of the time and the film's LFE was underwhelming. Nevertheless, the overall sound design was effective, as indicated by its Oscar for Best Achievement in Sound Editing. I suspect the problem with the Atmos effects stems from it having been released so early in the Atmos era. Despite these quibbles, I liked American Sniper and gave it a vote on IMDb of 8 Stars out of 10.
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