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I do scripting with a Premiere system so was going to let people with Stratos comment first. However, with the lack of response I will jump in.

When I play scripts with scenes from different movies, I get anywhere from 3 to 6 secound delays between scenes. When I play scripts between screens from the same movie, I get 1-2 second delays. All of this is with HD content. My memory is that SD content was always faster (but it's been a while).

I have always assumed that the delay is due to buffering of content to ensure that things play flawlessly (which they always do).

I thought that going to 4K would require longer buffering and hence longer delays. From what you are getting, it sounds like delays are similar.

The transitions will be abrupt - sound and video cut off right where you set it.

Neither the delays or abrupt cutoffs ever bothered me. I was just thrilled to have this capability that I had never had before. The one thing that I wish I had was a random play option like is available with music on the Premiere system (I do a lot of scripts of songs/scenes from concerts).

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