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Originally Posted by iansilv View Post
For the people here- which do you prefer? Control 4 or crestron? All I want to do is control a Samsung TV with built-in apps, an Apple TV, a meridian receiver and a Kaleidescape system with a switch between the Encore and the Premiere.
With that basic usage, C4 might make the most sense. I love Crestron, but it's my preference when you need to control a whole house worth of lights, HVAC, media, check your pool's temperature, shades, etc., etc., etc. It is so unbelievably powerful and infinitely customizable.

Crestron is great stuff, but you REALLY need a programmer who knows what they're doing. It's not easy, but can really sing in the right hands. C4 is far easier to program, so if BB/Magnolia was doing it...C4.

What about RTI? Personally, that's my go-to.
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