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Welcome to the Kaleidescape Owners' Forum!!!

In reading through your post I couldn't tell whether you are aware that Kaleidescape had proposed a plan to be able to view premiere content on the
Strato player (or just don't believe this is going to happen). If the former then hear are the details.

This proposal was sent to owners and dealers in December 2015 and details are listed in the link below.

Since K proposed this, they closed their doors and then opened again. So the details in the above proposal may no longer be accurate. However, Kaleidescape has said that this is still on their list of things they want to do. Also, since re-opening they have said that they will no longer comment on schedules or proposed release dates.

There has been talk (which I have not been able to confirm) that this is planned for sometime this year. If this happens then this fits my needs. If it doesn't then I may need another option like the one you suggest. However, I am the patient type so I am just waiting to see what happens.

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