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Smile For large volume premiere members wanting to upgrade/update to Encore systems

I have been a long-time Kscape user, but brand new to the forum. I am excited to begin to participate.

I have always been a high volume movie collector. As of last week, my premiere system contained two fully racked 3U servers, 5 fully loaded changers, and over 2600 movies in my collection (with a lot I have other side waiting for more storage). I am not sure how many other large volume users are in the kscape environment, but I presume I am not the only one.

For 2 years, I had been waiting for 2 things to happen prior to upgrading to the Encore/4k systems. (1) I was hoping that the storage capacity of the drives would increase from 6 TB, and (2) It was necessary for some system to combine the two systems into one interface.

Potential (or recent solutions)
(1) For the past month, there have been 10 TB drives available which would make a Terra 40 TB instead of only 24 TB which is a big big help
(2) It is clear that the potential solution of seamlessly and completely combining the two systems in not in the cards at this time. HOWEVER, IT MAYBE POSSIBLE TO HAVE ONE SEEMLESS INTERFACE THAT WOULD THEN SEND CODES TO OUR DEVICES (OR CONTROL MECHANISMS LIKE CRESTRON, CONTROL4, etc) TO INITIATE THE MOVIE. As far as I am concerned, that is a very reasonable compromise. As long as all of my movies appear in my iPad app (or whatever device you are using to control) and when selected it begins to play, I am happy. Yes it may take a second or two extra for those commands, but the seamless interface is what makes Kscape so special and combining premiere/encore systems would be the final piece to start my serious conversion to the new hardware

I wanted to gauge from the forum, how many other people would be willing to purchase and move forward with an Encore system if there was so combination between the two systems even if it was not quite a perfect as our prior updates had suggested. Given the environment and move toward streaming and downloading, it is hard to image Kscape delving huge resources into looking backward to make these two systems one. However, it maybe possible for them to make the two systems interface look like one which is a reasonable enough compromise to me to make the move.

PS. I actually acquired an Encore last week (via this forum) and it is amazing. I am very glad I made the move and will get a 40 TB Terra very soon. That being said, the system will not reach 5% of its potential until the movie interface is actually one single interface even if the mechanism of play involves message coding between the two systems to play

Please respond if this is intriguing to others and if this is something they would like to see. Our enthusiasm may make it happen.
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