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I've been trying to create a Kaleidescape 'script' to enable playing a music CD movie overture track prior to playing the actual Blu-ray movie. The same methodology would also be used to play movie 'exit' music at the conclusion of the movie to further enhance the Kaleidescape theatrical experience. Since Kaleidescape scipting apparently does not allow Management of CD's loaded onto the Kaleidescape server, I've copied the CD music onto a DVD and loaded this music DVD onto the K server, but unfortunately, the script only selects the created music DVD but will not commence playing it, and the script 'hangs' at this point.

Is there a way use any of the Kaleiidescape 'commands' within the Kaleidescape script creation process to enable either playing a specific CD track or start a created DVD playing?

Any and all assistance will be appreciated.
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