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Well, I'm not sure what the heck Oppo was thinking to begin with, but they totally shot themselves in the foot a couple years back.

I opened up a beautiful new home theater brick and mortar. I was able to pull in some really fantastic brands from some of the more boutique brands to major players like Sony/Yamaha/etc. I had always loved Oppo players for being the best Blu-Ray/DVD players when it came to audio (and multi-channel analog + XLR outputs!), so tried becoming a dealer for them too. The person I spoke to at Oppo HQ told me point blank that they were no longer partnering with brick and mortar retailers and installers, and in fact were even axing their lower volume resellers (like I would have honestly been). They told me they were going to start focusing on direct and on-line sales.

That really upset me on a personal level because it was the little mom & pop B&M's and the high end integrators that put Oppo on the very map to begin with!!! They were literally biting the hand that fed them. I don't know what knuckleheads up top at Oppo made this decision, but like much of modern business, I'm assuming it had to do with focusing on increasing overall profitability at the expense of low volume contributors (which all do add up btw). I can envision exactly how that boardroom meeting must have went in my head right now.

First they abandoned small retailers like me. Now they're abandoning an entire core market of theirs?! I understand that mobile tech is all the rage these days, but comon guys. Seriously?! Reminds me a bit of how (until this new iMac pro) Apple has long left one of its key markets (graphic designers, web developers, etc.) in the dust while focusing almost exclusively on iPhones. Oh, Oppo's planning on focusing on their mobile phone products too? Monkey see, monkey do I suppose. I understand it from looking at it from an MBA-fueled executive type position, BUT I hate it when companies abandon their roots in an effort to chase fluid market trends.
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