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Originally Posted by livitup View Post
Control4 + Kaleidescape + The "Chowmein" 3rd-party driver == an awesome theater experience.
Great write-up, but this is the main thing that stuck out to me. So true. While I'm a bit more of an RTI fanboy than C4, my experience mirrored yours. It's really all up to how good of a programmer you end up with, but with all the cool drivers that can drive a Kaleidescape system plus everything else, seeing everything work in concert is the bee's knees for sure.

People who don't have a control system really are missing out on a huge component of what the K experience is all about. Well, I guess that K is still a portion of the overall experience, but still, I do that think that K is such a vital part of a totally streamlined and seamless system.

Nothing beats simply hitting "Watch Kaleidescape" on the remote, then watching the projector fire up, the screen's LEDs light up, the blinds drop, the curtains close, the lights go to whatever I set them to, and the Kaleidescape cover menu come alive. All in perfect harmony. Then select a movie, and watch the lights go to movie mode, my step lights staying on of course, the sound come to life, and just absolutely melting into a film. A proper "intermission" button is pretty sweet too for sure.
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