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Hello again, all. Just another quick update. We're testing a fixed version of the music guide data now. Assuming that it looks good, we will deploy it to the update servers, and systems will download it and process it. We're hopeful that this will start today, in which case systems should be back to normal late today or sometime tomorrow.

Out of an abundance of caution, it's probably best to avoid importing content or making manual changes to album information in the meantime.

Point of interest for the computer geeks: this problem does appear to be related to the network outage that affected our datacenter last week. The interruption in network connectivity happened to during the automatic creation of a music guide update, and that interruption caused the guide data to be incomplete. A failure of that type should have been detected, causing the guide preparation to abort. But, there was a bug that meant that a failure at that exact stage didn't get detected properly. We've fixed that bug as well, so in the very unlikely event of an identical failure in the future, this shouldn't happen again.
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