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I think it was me. I seem to be the A/V equivalent of "The Cooler". In my first dedicated movie theater I purchased the "Escient" disc server. Within 2 years they announced they were ceasing operations. Not to fear, shortly there after Sony announced and delivered its excellent 400 Disc Blu-ray Changers. Within about a year of purchase Sony left the Disc Changer market after a history of offering these devices. By that time I was getting interested in K and eventually pulled the trigger. 9 months later K announced it was closing its doors. Luckily like Richard Gere in "An Officer and a Gentleman" they had no where else to go and reopened.

So I ordered the Oppo 203 and two weeks later, before it even reached my home, Oppo announced it was leaving the Blu-ray Player Market. My only take away here is that my mutant power over Video Player Manufacturers appears to be growing stronger. Only K appears to have a buff for this power so I think that should be reassuring.
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