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Originally Posted by Steven View Post
With the site, which I haven't looked at yet, can you still import the songs into iTunes? I ask because I don't think that there is any other way to get the songs on an iPod, is there?

So if Conductor will not replace the music in iTunes, how does one get the higher quality music into iTunes? I ask because I had the majority of my music imported to iTunes with a medium quality setting, before I realized that it was at that setting and not the higher quality.
The way to import music into iTunes at near CD quality is to import it as AIFF. Go into iTunes Preferences > General > Import Settings > Import Using = AIFF Encoder, Settings = Custom.

Custom Settings are as follows, Sample Rate = 44.1khz, Sample Size = 16 bits, Channels = Stereo. This will get you as close to CD as possible. BUT be aware that this will also eat up ALOT of disc space not only on your computer but also on your iPod.

If you have set iTunes to import using AIFF as described above then importing CD's from Music Giants will result if a higher fidelity file.

Here is a image showing an example of my iTunes songs that I imported at VERY high bit rates, 1411kb, using AIFF.

Hope that helps.
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