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MikeKobb Nov 2nd, 2015 01:17 PM

Question from Kaleidescape: What's your Internet speed?
Hello all,

Just wanted to take a quick, informal poll. We're interested in knowing what your current Internet speeds are (download and upload).

Is there faster service available to you, or are you maxed out?

Do you have any monthly data caps?


Mike Kobb
Director, User Experience
Kaleidescape, Inc.

House72 Nov 2nd, 2015 01:48 PM

I am in Santa Clara. My download 150MBPS and upload 20MBPS.

I think we have a 250MBPS service. I have not opted for the same.


fritzcurtis Nov 2nd, 2015 02:09 PM

In Dallas (Southlake) TX, I am fiber at 300mbps Upload and 300mbps download. 500mbps is now available as well. Not sure I need that fast. Verizon Fios. No Throttle here.

fritzcurtis Nov 2nd, 2015 02:09 PM

I sent you a speed test result on my service last week. Did you get it?

Fritz Curtis

Kicker Nov 2nd, 2015 02:51 PM

30 Mb/s down, 2 Mb/s up. That is the fastest available. No caps as far as I know, but the performance is not very reliable.

TrackZ Nov 2nd, 2015 02:53 PM

90/12 with Comcast. No caps.

Actually thinking about dropping back to 30/5 or 60/5 on an Internet only package with WOW. No caps with them.

JohnJ Nov 2nd, 2015 04:07 PM

I currently have 75/75. I have 500/500 available.

I have no monthly caps currently.


mtasu19 Nov 2nd, 2015 04:25 PM

I currently have Download of 62.81 and upload of 4.32 which is the fastest in our area, at this moment in time!

djb_rh Nov 2nd, 2015 04:44 PM

I have a 25Mbs connection that can burst to 50Mbs (symmetrical up and down). I *think* I could upgrade it to a Gigabit connection if I wanted to, but I'm not really sure what the max is. Doesn't matter as at this point the 25/50 costs me $1400/month, so that's gotta be good enough.

I actually had 10/20 initially and it was $2600/month on a THREE YEAR CONTRACT. The funny thing is ATT came to me not even half way through the contract and said "hey, you wanna upgrade? If so, we'll do 25/50 for $1400/month."

The only reason I can think of they did that was because Google Fiber is coming to "Chapel Hill", the town my address has. But we're so far from town that WE will not be getting GF, I'm sure. But they didn't know that, so we took them up on their offer.

I have zero bargaining power here because I actually paid them to put the fiber in JUST for me. Before that I had two bonded T1's (after overhead I netted 2.4Mbs both ways) and I think that cost me something on the order of $600/month. It was also completely unreliable and hardware had to be replaced every time there was lightning ANYWHERE NEAR. That was at least a couple times per quarter.

K servers can generally fill my 25Mbs pipe if I leave it unregulated. Thank you very much for making a throttling setup that actually works, as well as giving us the ability to order our downloads how we want. That's VERY nice and very much appreciated.


Roderick Spode Nov 2nd, 2015 06:56 PM

6.3 Mbps up, 3.9 Mbps down

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