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brodricj Mar 25th, 2013 07:04 PM

Tip: Empty Trash before grouping servers
When grouping servers, any content that is in the trash of one server, kOS will automatically move any duplicate content in the movie/music library of the other server into the trash as well. Resulting in that content "disappearing" from your library!

My scenario was this. File systems A and B were in a group which reached 99% capacity. I replicated all the content from A/B onto new file system C and then removed A/B from the group (meaning C was then operating alone). All the content on A/B was then put in the trash, so A and B each showed no content in their respective movie/music libraries, and full capacity showing available for future use.

Eventually when file system C reached 99% capacity I added "empty" file system B to the group. I then checked my music library and to my horror virtually all my CD albums were missing from the UI! Phone call to Support :D

What happened was, because B had previously been replicated onto C, when the B/C group was made there were 2 copies of all my CD albums on the system (one copy being in the trash of B, and the other copy being in the library of C). kOS then put all the duplicate copies into the trash, meaning the only albums showing in my UI were those I had imported after the A/B>C replication.

The corrective action was to remove each album from the trash and return it to the library. The difficulty with this is the content might end up on B, or it might end up on C, depending on where kOS decides to put it. So when I can afford to buy file system D (so I don't need to run 2 servers), I'm going to have to replicate content from both B>D and C>D.

This problem would have been averted if I had first emptied the trash of B before making the B/C group. My movie library has also been affected in some way, but I haven't been able to unravel yet exactly how so, or how to fix it (I suspect all the movie content in the trash of B won't now fit in the B/C group if I try to move it back into the movie library like I did for the music albums).

The other thing which caught my attention was in the new B/C group, the 1-year old movie/music db update status on B took precedence over the current movie/music db status on C. Meaning some of my movie content on the system regressed back into the "movies missing video bookmarks" collection, despite that content having been previously processed for video bookmarks (i.e. that which was processed in the intervening time between the old update on B and the current update on C).

If I had emptied the trash on B before joining the B/C group in the first place then none of this would have been an issue. Which is why I suggest, empty the trash before putting 2 servers in the same group. I was so glad I called K Support for assistance, because I was about to permanently delete my trash thinking that would be a fix when a very loud shout came down the phone line "no, don't do that". I was only moments away from having to re-import about 249 CD albums :eek:

JerryL Mar 26th, 2013 05:54 PM

Good points- sorry you had hardships.

brodricj Mar 26th, 2013 08:37 PM

The really whacky thing is kOS can put content in the trash, that you don't want put in the trash, without you knowing it...

The other whacky thing is an older update of the movie/music db takes precedence over a current version (although that's not such a big deal because eventually the system will automatically update and get back to the current version).

flitebynite Apr 15th, 2018 10:17 AM

This is exactly what happened to me recently. Mine was about 700 Movies.
I figured it out and thankfully was able to salvage everything.

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