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Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  The Kitchen Sink : there may be one misstep... (7.9 KB) 4 Weeks Ago 2 0
Downloads  The Kitchen Sink : I have not ran the whole thing there may be a misstep. (32.6 KB) 4 Weeks Ago 4 0
Downloads  Paramount HD Scenes 03032018 : These are Paramount HD scenes for the following titles: Annihilation Arrival Clueless G.I. Joe: Retalliation Ghost in the Shell Gladiator The Godfather, Part II Hugo Interstellar Jack Reac ... [more] (56.9 KB) Jun 6th, 2018 10 0
Downloads  Paramount_HDR_Scenes_06062018 : These are Paramount HDR scenes for the following titles: Annkihilation Arrival Ghost in the Shell Gladiator Grease (Songs marked as scenes) Interstellar Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Snow Whit ... [more] (4.0 KB) Jun 6th, 2018 8 0
Downloads  atmos hdr updated before Dark Crystal :  (3.5 KB) Jun 6th, 2018 7 0
Downloads  cineramax marked before dark crystal :  (23.1 KB) Jun 6th, 2018 4 0
Downloads  Latest Bestest Scope Atmos HDR before Dark Crystal : An example in exploiting the benefits of Habituation. (8.5 KB) Jun 6th, 2018 3 0
Downloads  atmos hdr :  (2.9 KB) May 6th, 2018 12 0
Downloads  CINERAMAX MARKED :  (19.6 KB) Apr 10th, 2018 30 0
Downloads  HDR Atmos Scope Script :  (6.4 KB) Apr 10th, 2018 19 0
Downloads  Beatles atmos songs :  (1.1 KB) Apr 10th, 2018 9 0
Downloads  hometheater songs.dat : Kaleidescape does not pull out songs on all music videos, and sometimes they mark them with the commentary track or other annoying audio selected. Here are some songs I've tagged. It's an eclectic ... [more] (5.2 KB) Jun 15th, 2015 10 0
Downloads  JohnJ BR Disc & HD Download Scenes (28 Jan 2015) : I have added some more scenes. These are both from HD downloaded moves and BR discs. The Adjustment Bureau (HD Download) ...Walking In On An "Adjustment" ...Behind The Curtain ...Finding Ced ... [more] (75.1 KB) Jan 29th, 2015 28 0
Downloads  JohnJ BR Disc Scenes (2014-07-17) : Here is the next set of scenes from various BR discs I have that do not have any scenes marked (some probably because I have a different version). The list of movies is as follows: Animusic HD ... [more] (59.3 KB) Jul 17th, 2014 27 0
Downloads  JohnJ exported_scenes_HD Downloads : I have begun to mark scenes in movies that don't have anything marked. I have started with downloads movies (all HD at this point). The Movies included in this file are: All Is Lost The Aviator T ... [more] (49.3 KB) Jul 16th, 2014 20 0
Downloads  Reg's Favorite Scenes :  (127.6 KB) Nov 22nd, 2010 47 0
Downloads  Josh's Favorite Scene file (2010-11-01) : This is my latest Favorite Scene collection. There are lots of contributions in here from REGWOOD, JCHS, JERRYL and HOMETHEATER. Enjoy!! Here's a full inventory of what scenes are in this file: ... [more] (43.9 KB) Nov 21st, 2010 117 0
Downloads  Jimmy73 scenes : Thought I'd share some of the favourite scenes I've created over the past couple of weeks. I indexed a lot of my favourite acts from the 4 disc Live 8 DVD set and then some of the Shorts/deleted s ... [more] (4.3 KB) Nov 21st, 2010 38 0
Downloads  Hometheater's SciFi Favorite Scenes : I don't feel comfortable posting all my favorites. This is a showroom, and I don't want my competition to get my tricks. But, here is a few scenes from the Sci-Fi section. some of these went into my ... [more] (2.0 KB) Nov 21st, 2010 62 0
Downloads  Hometheater's Favorite Scene File 2009-11-14 : I am finally posting a big list of scenes. These were all created by me and have never been posted. I hope you like them - let me know what you think. I tend to like shorter scenes, sometimes just a s ... [more] (5.2 KB) Nov 21st, 2010 74 0

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