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  1. Stretch 4:3 shows to 16:9 screens
  2. Intermission feature
  3. Remove a movie from "Paused" collection
  4. Buying the same disk twice?
  5. Accessing the hidden "Classical Music mode" (v3.3 only)
  6. Per Player Language Preferences
  7. Control System command to jump to specific tab on Collections screen
  8. Using the Left Arrow to exit out of menus
  9. Touchpanels with video touch overlays, exit popup menus
  10. Play All Favorite Scenes, one click.
  11. Movies/Music Cover Art "Demo Mode"
  12. "System Snapshot" function
  13. Creating fav scenes
  14. Add movie und music infos via interface?
  15. Create playlist of Music DVDs
  16. M-Series 'Crestron/AMX/etc' cover art with parental control now works properly.
  17. Region Codes on M500 ?
  18. "Putting out the trash"
  19. Importing Home Movies
  20. Importing special features
  21. Renaming favorite scenes?
  22. Setting up scripts with upcoming moving trailers
  23. Erasing Supplements
  24. Multiple Servers - Determining Movies' locations
  25. Tip: Empty Trash before grouping servers
  26. Automatically add "G" rated titles to Children's Collection
  27. Standard Cover Art
  28. Vault Cleaning FYI
  29. Best sequence to load a new Premiere system?
  30. How to delete blu rays following digital ofers?
  31. Play All Songs Added
  32. Subtitles
  33. Foreign subtitles included in rip
  34. Strato with Child Remote
  35. Change front panel brightness via automation script
  36. Workaround found! Non-catalogued Blu-Ray cannot be played due to region mismatch