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  1. Music is here... maybe Photos next?
  2. PVR Module
  3. Capturing my existing iTunes Library
  4. New Script Commands please!
  5. Slow Motion!
  6. GRAY sidebars on 4:3 content
  7. Delete one disc of a multidisc set
  8. Music Playback Improvement Suggestions
  9. Show space taken per movie
  10. Music zone linking?
  11. Web Utility redesign
  12. "Recommended" group
  13. Blu-ray and HD-DVD
  14. Setting to Swap PgUp/PgDwn
  15. Statistics about Movie Viewing
  16. Delete one disc from a Mix Album vs. Individual Tracks
  17. HD Titles
  18. New screensavers?
  19. Trimming Favorite Scenes
  20. Automatic Favorite Scene renaming
  21. Reordering Collections
  22. Individual "Watch Soon" Collections?
  23. Named audio tracks
  24. A wild and crazy High Def request/ suggestion
  25. K stretching the movie to fill the 16by9 space automatically
  26. Some additional movie feature suggestions
  27. Burning CD/MP3/WMA disks
  28. General purpose file storage
  29. Custom order of titles inside a collection
  30. Favorties Scenes List
  31. Web UI Improvements
  32. Automatic music playlist creation by mood or similar artists/song?
  33. Low power mode
  34. Blu-Ray Player Feature Requests
  35. iPhone app for K control
  36. Shutdown repeating DVD Menu Request
  37. Better In-Movie/Show controls
  38. Transcoding request
  39. Naming Servers
  40. Transfer capability
  41. Ratings & Better iTunes Integration
  42. Bad Imports
  43. CommonSense Media ratings integration
  44. Netflix on the Big K
  45. App Store
  46. User Portal: "My Kaleidescape"
  47. Amazon Video On Demand
  48. Transfer Contents
  49. Blu-ray "remote" vault
  50. Ability to build playlists without other privileges
  51. Conductor to work on non-administrator logins
  52. Conductor with video
  53. Movie Collection Options - PLEASE Add some
  54. Auto Flagging DVD Duplicates
  55. Collected Volume Management
  56. Not seen yet
  57. Kaleidescape movie list scrolling from numbers to Z?
  58. Instant Replay?
  59. Importing with a M700
  60. Low drive space warning
  61. Coverart presentation with missing BR
  62. 3 Suggestions:
  63. Search feature
  64. TV show "History"
  65. Television Series Interface Display Enhancement Request- Consolidate them to the series name.
  66. Internet Access
  67. Built in video player in Kplayer web interface or app
  68. Personalized intro
  69. Actor/ director detail
  70. Deleting supplementary discs
  71. Download Store recommendations
  72. True iPad integration / streaming
  73. Background menu music
  74. KStore Suggestion: Pre Orders
  75. Resetting Unknown Fixed IP Address.
  76. What Would You like Kaleidescape To Announce at CEDIA 2013
  77. Any update on the bluray battle?
  78. Feature Request
  79. Collection Enhancements
  80. iPad app on IPhone 6 plus
  81. Streaming Musis service
  82. K system and Tivo
  83. Waldo-mode
  84. Cover Art for Collections
  85. Option to turn off "HD" label on cover art
  86. Iphone App Update?
  87. Full Kaleidescape Streaming App for Apple TV
  88. Dreaming of a 4K player the size of an m300 or smaller... And a new SSD-based server that's quieter...
  89. Movie Store in Kaleidescape UI
  90. Conductor to be able to save in apple lossless format
  91. Feature Request - Tagging Scenes
  92. How to make Kscape bigger and more mainstream?
  93. Feature Request: Owners' Log-in Site at Kaleidescape.com
  94. Cover without bluray ribbon
  95. Movie Trailers and the lack of them
  96. Universal IOS iPhone / iPad App
  97. TV Shows Combined
  98. Strato with an Blu-Ray or Ultra HD Blu-Ray Drive
  99. Stop listening to the disc
  100. New 2.0 Aspect Ratio Tag
  101. Premiere -> Encore Home Movie Import Question
  102. Emails Regarding Store Sales
  103. Premiere Web UI overhaul
  104. Another Disney Movies Anywhere post...
  105. Wish there was a newby thread
  106. Priorities going forward
  107. Closed captions
  108. Buffer discs in a vault
  109. Alexa Skill
  110. Disc navigation
  111. Get rid of Shuffle....please
  112. Ability to "Pause" Special Features
  113. Ability to See Details for Multiple Versions in Movie Store
  114. Delete Movies From System through Store Website
  115. iOS App Does Not Support Multiple Formats of Same Movie
  116. Encore Help for Slow Internet - RAID or Imports Please!
  117. Design assumptions of Strato ????
  118. Mobile version of Store
  119. import music without disks
  120. Kaleidescape Gift Certificates??
  121. Minor Log Clean Up Issue
  122. Subtitle shift
  123. I have been bitten by the ROKUTV Bug...Is HDMI CEC Possible?
  124. A Case for 10TB Drives for the Premier
  125. Hobbit films- direct access to theatrical or extended versions
  126. Associate Rogue One with other Star Wars movies
  127. Custom scenes from Music Credits
  128. Change collection and/or minimum rating of Covers view
  129. strato hdr10+ highly doable-by Cedia?
  130. News feed in Strato Store
  131. Kaleidescape Store Filter requests
  132. Unrecognised Boxset?
  133. Ability to bookmark main movie without sending disc to K.
  134. Get Rid of Bluray Banners!
  135. How about ratings/reviews on store titles from Kaleidescape owners?
  136. Intelligent 'status' sort order in /vaults
  137. Date & date release
  138. Give store users the option of having their card charged when they pre-purchase a movie instead of waiting
  139. Kaleidescape Store to offer music purchases?
  140. UI Audible Feedback
  141. Show Ratings on Device in UIs
  142. Watched/Unwatched indicator/history
  143. New Year 2019 Top 3 Requests
  144. More Informative Playback Status